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Professional Writers

We specialize in BUSINESS writing, i.e., professional/business-related communications (memos, emails, resumes, cover letters, advertisements, press releases, and much more).

Our writers are professional, knowledgeable and qualified.

On Time Delivery

We guarantee that our writers will dedicate 100% of their energy, skills, and knowledge to your writing project.

Connection With Your Writer

After you’ve made the decision to collaborate with us on your project, you have a direct line of communication with your assigned writer, not an answering service telephone representative.


Cancellation and/or Refund Policy.  Professional Services are performed in a proper and professional manner consistent with industry standards.  We do not issue refunds once the order/professional service is complete.  If not complete, a partial refund may be extended on a case by case basis with WordsmithResource reserving full discretion to decide if a partial refund is warranted.

We absolutely LOVE what we do!

Stand out with a Professional Resume

To successfully get to the next level in your career, your resume must include more than just a list of bullet points. It must tell a unique story, a business story, unlike no other!  We’ll work with you one-on-one to determine and highlight your talent, skills, and training (yes, what you bring to the table!).

  • Meet in-person to review
  • Approve prior to final payment
  • Receive cover letter samples
  • Create a resume from scratch
  • Improve your current resume
  • Optimize for keyword scanners

Let us help YOU achieve success, tell your story, and build your empire!

What We Do ...


In a sea of sameness how do you stand out?  In an ever shrinking competitive environment, how do you market yourself and set yourself apart from your competition?  That’s right …. you have to establish a personal brand!  One that is so striking, memorable, and inviting, people will not soon forget.

We will work with you in developing who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want people to remember about you. Yes, the words and feelings that remain even after you’ve left the building.

Project YOU: Where the BEST, get BETTER!


A word.  A statement.  An essay.  Attention-grabbing.  Impactful.  Convincing.  Persuasive.  Don’t leave your message to chance.

The “write” words and “write” method at the “write” time is …. money in the bank.  We research, write, and proofread compelling content that will land you that job interview, college acceptance, and business contract.

We write, proofread, and research, so you don’t have to!


Project management is more than buying materials and telling people what to do.  It’s about understanding the scope of work, knowing your resources (what and how much), knowing and staying within your budget, and getting your project done within schedule.  There’s a great deal of planning, brainstorming, executing, and monitoring and controlling that go into a project that successfully fills a business need.

Manage to:  your business need and professional growth …. and the rest will follow. 

Our Company Mission

1. To help professionals and small businesses persuasively communicate the benefits and value they bring to the table.

2. To return clear and effective communication back to the workplace.

3.  To support the community and create jobs.

WordsmithResource creates persuasive documents, gives written documents a “face-lift,” and searches for facts, information, and relevant data that supports our client’s brand, story and message.

Revisions occur throughout the writing process and involve reassessments, consideration of the overall writing structure and ensuring a convincing and captivating thesis and supportive information thereafter.  It is presumed that if the writer is in the proofreading phase, they are working on the final draft, that is, finalizing any remaining changes and/or corrections.  Correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure and appropriate style and word choice are important to the writer and their audience because they elicit feelings, emotions and opinions about the writer and their work.  This will add to or detract from a writer’s credibility and perception of expertise; the former of course, being the goal.

Proofreading requires careful and detailed examination of one’s writings.  As such, it is recommended that the writer have a professional and/or business proofread their work.  After long hours and days of staring at pages, upon pages, upon pages of one’s own work, it becomes that much more difficult to catch typos/errors.  We can all agree that it is frustrating to expend our time, energy, sweat equity, etc. into a project, subsequently publish it and soon after observe a seemingly small mistake that should have been caught prior to publishing.

Your SOLUTIONWordsmithResource!

As is the case with all business endeavors, in order to successfully manage business-related content online, companies must establish a strategy, i.e., a content management strategy.  One of the first steps to this is determining content type, that is, what kind of content you want your viewers to see.  The content that you publish has a direct influence on the type of authoring tools you will need and use.  To illustrate, if you want to post/display blog updates and external links (links to other sites), the design and construction of your website will be drastically different from a company that posts interactive tutorials or videos.

Keeping content organized will not only make it easier for visitors to navigate your site, but will help avoid content overlap or repetition in the future. WordsmithResource provides you the tools to manage online content, organize content based on audience needs; use common content, terminology, and placement; use consistent navigation; manage links; and finally, apply metadata, or a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.

Administration management is a discipline that is the core of any business or organization.  It touches every aspect of a company.  The functions therein keep customers happy, ensure that contractors are paid on time, employees get required training, and policies and procedures are put in place, to name a few.

Issues, concerns, and problems crop up, both personally and professionally, that require a certain level of research.

To arrive at a resolution, give a well-informed reply and/or solve a problem, you need to perform a diligent and thorough check (fact-finding investigation) of the subject at hand.  This, more often times than not, calls for a significant amount of time, attention, and legwork, in an effort to discover necessary facts and information that address the foregoing.

Our Resume Writing Service starts with an in-depth assessment of your experience, skills and career goals using the (Strategic Resume Development Model) to create a compelling resume and cover letter(s) that highlight your unique skills and the value you bring to potential employers.

Care is taken to ensure the integrity of the information on your resume and cover letter(s) so you can discuss your experience with confidence at your interview.  The resumes and cover letters we deliver not only open doors to interviews, but also job offers for our clients across many different industries. Contact us (the professional resume writers) today for a free consultation!


We do business and serve our clients remotely (phone, text, email) and/or in person.

See For Yourself..
Here Are A Few Reasons Why.

“I love it! …. You captured everything I told you and made it fun.  I feel like my personality is shining!  Awesome job.”


(Service: Personal Brand Development and Coaching, Website Bio Content Creation/Development)

“You are very gifted.  Both are beautiful.  I prefer the experience first as oppose to the education.  Thank you.”

(Service: Resume)




Effective 2018, we are recognized by New York City as a minority woman-owned business enterprise (M/WBE).

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