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Your CAREER CAMPAIGN STRATEGY is not complete without your custom-made personal marketing document. Let us help you showcase your achievements, talents, experience, and value. 1-page resume $150; 2-page resume $200

1-page resume $200; 2-page resume $250

1-page resume $250; 2-page resume $300

1-page resume $300; 2-page resume $350

Professions that may demonstrate an extensive number of projects / cases or other workload, e.g., Architects, Lawyers, Project Managers, and/or whose career history requires a 3 to 5-page resume:

3-page resume $250; 4-page resume $300; 5-page resume $350

(**Note: A resume from scratch and/or edits to an existing resume are the same price point.**)

Resume Review / Assessment

Not sure if your resume is eye-catching, stands out from the crowd, and is properly formatted (e.g., professional layout, spelling and grammar checked, with the right power verbs, nouns, and adjectives)? Don't want to spend money on getting a resume made from scratch? We'll review your existing resume, identify areas that can be changed and/or enhanced, and provide you with a written assessment (in PDF format). Email us today!
1-page resume review $25; 2-page resume review $50; 3 to 4-page resume review $75; 5-page resume review $125

Freelance Writing

Details coming soon.

Project Management Services

Details coming soon.

cover letters

Most applicants do not attach a cover letter with their resume. Stand out from the crowd and let us craft a one page document that highlights your personality, and demonstrates your well-roundedness and what you bring to the table. Entry level professional $25. Executive level professional $50

Linkedin profile page content development

Build your brand online and stand out from your competition! Push your CAREER CAMPAIGN forward and showcase what you bring to the table, with a powerful, word-catching LinkedIn profile. With a clear, concise, and persuasive professional story, your intended audience will capture a strong understanding of your experiences, skills, and talents. They will effectively see how you can contribute to their vision, goals, and objectives. Entry level professional profile page $125. Executive professional profile page $250.

mobile notary public

You're busy and need a quick turnaround, but it's after hours and your local notary is closed. We'll come to you and / or meet you at a public / local establishment. $25 convenience fee (1 mile or less, in addition to the $2 notarial fee)
(This is a local service only.)


Writing is not for everyone, and that's okay. The fact that you made the decision to create a website or webpage, shows you know the benefits of having your own digital space. Let us help you bring it all together. Your thoughts, personality, and experiences - our words! $175 per landing page (500 words or less)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Development of

Is your business a well-oiled, finely tuned machine? Or do your processes routinely breakdown and disrupt your customer-facing and back-office workflows? For example, does your front desk personnel know what information they should collect to properly assess the caller’s needs and direct the call accordingly?
Be proactive and prevent your business from falling apart at the seams! We will create sharply defined steps and instructions (step-by-step guide) for your existing employees and new hires, on how to handle routine and iterative job functions and assignments. CALL TODAY FOR A PRICE QUOTE!

Certified Business Advisor / Management Consulting Services

This service is designed for small business owners and working professionals to improve internal and external performance. An introductory springboard that helps you improve your business and mental infrastructure for growth and development. Details coming soon.

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