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What Your Presence COMMUNICATES to Other People!

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We make sure our car is presentable; our hair is perfectly coiffed, and our teeth are clean.  But, do we give the same attention and detail to our image, specifically our shoes and clothing?  Believe it our not, what we wear communicates or projects a certain message to the people we encounter throughout our day at work, in our community, and everywhere else. For example, ‘I don’t care,’ and ‘I have no idea what I am doing,’ to name a few.

Let’s take work for example.  Everyone that works in a professional/business setting should be dressed in clothing that is clean and presentable and that befits the industry with which they work in.  This goes doubly for employees in supervisory, managerial, and upper echelon positions.  I don’t know about you, but I ‘ve witnessed men in high positions wearing attire that, if you didn’t know them, you would think they were the mail clerk or a blue collar worker masquerading as a white collar worker.  On the flip side, I’ve also observed employees (in lower-level positions) impeccably dressed – from the crisp expensive pinstriped suit with the tie clasp, magnificent cuff-links, and shoes to match.

But, hold on, I’ve also witnessed this with the ladies – wearing clothing that, again, if you didn’t know them, you would think they were a street walker or backstage circus laborer.  Yes, you know what I mean, the woman wearing the embarrassingly short or tight dress, the visible tattoos (and this is not a bash against tattoos), the manly-looking shoes, and circus-looking makeup to boot! Then there’s the lower-level female employee who is dressed in the skirt suit (clean, steamed, and ironed), perfectly coiffed hair, nails done, and heels to match.

The attire noted in the latter examples communicate that they respect themselves, the meeting they are attending, and the people they will be mingling with.  Yes, folks – it matters!  How can anyone be taken seriously if they look like they just came off the sanitation assembly line? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that because, yes, it’s respectable work.)

Your presence including your dress and grooming communicates volumes to those around you.  Let the message convey: ‘I’m serious about my business’ and ‘I want to be taken seriously.’  Remember to dress for the position you want, not the position you’re currently in.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  What do you think?  What message are you communicating to the people around you?

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