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Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Post Series: Business

Ever feel like you hear the same things over and over …. and over again?  Are a witness to the same inactivity and hot potato shuffle?  You know what I mean …. sitting in lengthy meetings day-in and day-out, where no one makes a decision, and you come out on the other end with nothing new in terms of strategy, planning, substantive decisions, or concrete change?  Brutal, isn’t it?  Well, that’s the wash, rinse, and repeat method of doing things these days.  Long gone is the requirement to come to the table with something of substance, common sense, or forward-thinking and forward-moving ideas.

So, what can a person do if they, through no fault of their own, have to attend such meetings?  Well, the first thing is, don’t surrender to the humdrum of nothingness. Do whatever it is you have to do to stay sharp and stay engaged, and instead of adopting the wash, rinse, and repeat method of mutual exchange, try going the fresh, different, and agile method of business communication. Yes, be that which you do not see in the room or hear on the telephone conference call.  Secondly, maintain constant contact with those individuals who push you to be a better you and ignite ideas that others do not have or are aware of.

Generally speaking, there is more than one way to change something, get something done and/or fulfill an obligation.  Don’t get caught up in the lack of variety of problem-solving, that is, …. the wash, rinse, and repeat method!


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