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This is Real!

Post Series: The Business of Family

Because of “reality” tv, we’re used to seeing women bickering, fighting, and undercutting each other.  Yes, from Dynasty back in the 1980s to Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, females go head-to-head all too often.  Some of us may even see this firsthand at our place of employment.  But, is that real?  Is that your reality?  Is that my reality?  Far from it!

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of breaking bread with a magnificent group of women – different ages,  different backgrounds,  different perspectives – all together  to send off, in style, one of the pioneers of the group to her next destination.  And yet, the magnificence was in our mutual esteem, concern, and support for the lady of the hour, secondarily for each other, and finally for the epic movie that has broken records upon records, Black PantherYes, the sisterhood is real.

I am on a euphoric high right now.  So much so, that I am okay with saying …. My team is better than yours!  No, but seriously, we all know how important it is to surround ourselves with likeminded, battle-tested, and fierce professional women.  Why?  It’s crucial to our professional sustenance, inevitable evolution, and enduring equanimity, especially in the workplace.  I am always pleasantly surprised when things come together – nothing more, nothing less, but, just right.  And, that’s what this special dinner was (like a perfectly fitted, cashmere-lined Italian leather glove to a hand, on a cold night).  Yes, the sisterhood is real. 

One thing that should be noted is, we do not have to be besties with every member of the group to feel connected and proud.  Whether we are acquaintances, confidants, or just have a reciprocity of respect for  each other, when we can come together and enjoy each other’s company, great things happen.  So, I’m curious, …. do you have a group of women that you can turn to for fellowship, an interchange of thoughts and ideas, and some good old fashioned fun?  Definitely something to think about.  If you don’t, I encourage you to be the catalyst in your workplace/work group and get that sisterhood up and running.  The sisterhood is oh so real! (Just ask Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira.)

(PSA: This is and always will be a manipulation free, jealous free, and insecure free zone!)

(If you haven’t already, GO see Black Panther.  Already saw it?  Go see it again!)  https://www.fandango.com/black-panther-202991/movie-overview






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