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There is No Substitute.

Post Series: Business

There’s a lot of substituting going on lately.  We substitute whole eggs for egg whites, both paper for plastic and paper and plastic for cryptocurrency (money), the forever love for the “for now” love (in relationships), handwritten communication for typing on a computer or using a smartphone, and on and on and on. Some of us also substitute the route or path we take to success as well as the style and substance we use to get there. Yes, the substitution list is almost endless. But, replacements, imitations, knockoffs, and alternatives are not and can never be equal to an original. There is no substitute.

Nowadays, we’re hearing a lot of talk about being our authentic self, standing in our truth, being genuine, yada yada yada. All real good things to be and do in and of themselves. But, I think the oversaturated use of these terms and phrases has essentially watered down it’s obvious meaning. To be YOU! Just …. be …. you.  The original, not someone’s imperfectly crafted, cheap knockoff of someone else in you.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the sayings, “Often imitated, never duplicated” and “If you set out to be original, prepare to be copied.” In terms of success and the end goal of purpose, you just cannot duplicate and substitute this.  A person’s substance, style, presence, and confidence cannot serve in place of another.   When you do that, you will have an inferior brand and product.  That would equate to substituting Brunello Cucinelli for Payless shoes.  You would never do that (I know I wouldn’t!).

So, to maintain your originality, passion, substance and style, as well as avoid engaging in substitute tactics with the masses of conventional and nondescript, be clear about who you are and what you do.  Focus on your fire and not the whimpering embers of others. For example, that grand idea that you shared with your business partner over a three-hour conversation and/or that business plan that you feverishly put on paper not too long ago, did you set that in motion? Just as you can’t substitute an impeccable pair of Berluti men’s oxfords, again, there’s no substitute for the work. No substitute for the person.  So, get up and get going!


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