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The Gold Standard: Serena Williams

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Serena Williams: Look, learn, and listen.

You cannot deny this woman’s drive, tenacity, passion, and focus.  Winning her 22nd grand slam title, Serena Williams is certainly a tour de force and you can’t help but to be proud, impressed and hopefully, taking notes.  Ms. Williams’ playbook is riddled wi20160710_070512th how-to’s on staying power, ignoring negativity, staying in love with your first passion, being confident in your talent yet remaining humble, and succeeding in everything you do, to name a few.


Serena has been in the public eye for more than 20 years and yet she has managed to keep her brand focused on her passion, that is, tennis; not an easy thing to do by media or Hollywood’s standards.  All too often we see famously gifted individuals fall prey to wayward and self-destructive behavior that derails their promise and potential. I believe her ability to stay above the fray is credited to her upbringing (yes, her parents raised her right!) and her own self-discipline and strength of character. She is not about to embarrass herself or her family.  So, regardless of what she is exposed to, negative or positive, her eyes stay on the prize. Something to take note of and imitate?  Absolutely!


Serena’s talent was fostered, trained, and ingrained at an early age.  Enough said! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t or shouldn’t start at a later date and still be exceptional, but starting early definitely gives you an advantage.  Just ask the countless opponents that have lost to Ms. Williams.  And, her gifts are not confined to the tennis court; she constantly challenges herself off the court too.  Last year, I was delightfully surprised and proud to see Serena give an interview to Belgian TV in French, fluently I might add.  The takeaway?  Start early.  Engage often.  Be well-rounded in your abilities.  And, continue to study and hone your skills.


Serena has given countless interviews where she’s been asked how she came to love the game, what keeps her focused, and how she continues to slay in the game after all these years, all of which bear watching.  In the very beginning and all those years thereafter, she listened to her father (her coach), processed the information, and used it to her advantage.  The act of listening is a skill that takes time, desire, and practice.  Want to be the best at your craft? In business? In life?  LISTEN!

Ms. Serena Williams meticulously manages her brand and her career and she will continue to show and prove that she is the gold standard of hard-work, grace, and an unmatched and powerful WORK ETHIC!

What are your thoughts on yesterday’s match?

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