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The Business of Leadership

Post Series: Business

Leadership is not easy! Good, effective, meaningful, profit-generating leadership is a gargantuanly thankless task. And unfortunately, this much needed type of leadership has been absent from the room for quite some time, across just about every industry. The business of leadership has definitely taken a hit in recent years!  The frontlines of business are being bushwhacked by people who are no more leaders than a cute little baby in a police uniform is an actual policeman that can protect you. Why? Why the disturbing trend?

Because the ethical belief that profits AND people take precedence over personal considerations has fallen by the wayside. Because the cycle of putting the wrong people in the wrong positions by people, who themselves were erroneously appointed, continues without letup. Because business acumen, the ability to discern, and integrity have waned while the Me First, Me and Mine, copy and paste, close my eyes to what’s really going on here, and, the ever popular, I’ll just talk in circles and offer no real solutions, methods and approaches have grown by leaps and bounds. What happened to the business of leadership?

The cries for change are deafening! And, the original business leaders, yes, the ones who actually started all of these businesses, are figuratively turning over in their graves. Can you picture that pitied and impassioned vortex?

Thankfully, businesses experience ebbs and flows and adopt new methodology and/or they close down, take requisite time to create a winning formula, and come back a bigger and better version 2.0. However, sometimes this process, this purge of sorts, can take years to materialize.  So, what are those of us who eat, sleep, and breathe good, effective, meaningful, and profit-generating leadership to do in the meantime?

1. Don’t get discouraged. (Of course, if you feel the need to acknowledge those feelings for a time, do so, albeit temporarily, and then get back on the good foot.)  There are people in your office that need you, that are counting on you.

2. Adopt and display those qualities that you need, but don’t see, in your current leadership. Remember, people (from the bottom to the top, from the outside to the inside) are always watching. With that said, what I find funny is, many of us demand that our leaders be X, Y, and Z (fill in the blank) but we don’t demand the same X, Y, and Z in ourselves.  A bit hypocritical and lazy, if you ask me. Don’t be THAT guy or girl!

3. Sharpen your focus and concentration. You can’t get your work done if you are scatterbrained and neglectful.  And, yes, we all know it’s easy to get caught up in watching, with bated breath, the train wreck of pseudo-leadership. But, that is not the best use of our time. The ‘See a Need – Fill a Need’ comes to mind here. The business itself still has to run and function. The business entity, a distinct and separate presence that is autonomous from the leaders/managers/supervisors, needs and requires our loyalty.

So, until the tide changes, many of us continue to labor away and patiently wait til the tenure of practicality, goodness and business sense are returned to The Business of Leadership.





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