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Your resume, which is your personal branding document, announces who you are, what value you bring to the table including transferable skills and quantifiable accomplishments, and your level of organization and decision-making, in a bird’s-eye view. Recruiters, human resource managers and other hiring decision-makers assess what you can do for them based on what details are provided in your resume.

Our Resume Writing Service starts with an in-depth assessment of your experience, skills and career goals to create a rock star resume that wows and impresses potential employers.  ($105/one page;  $125/two pages; note: **same price for update**) ($50 for students 18 and 19 years old – 1 page)  Need a COVER LETTER?  Add on $25.

Need a quick turnaround?  Within 24 hours?  The rush hour service fee will be assessed at $25 (added to invoice).

LinkedIn Profile Page Development

Your LinkedIn page/profile is resume 2.0 with a twist.  Unlike your hardcopy resume, your LinkedIn page can (and if done right) will be viewed by a volume of professionals without you having to travel to them.  This method of marketing gives you creative license to show exactly what you bring to the table and develop your very own personal infomercial.  Do you have quantifiable and qualifiable achievements?  Put them on display on your LinkedIn page!  We’ll craft and create a profile that adds value to your career search campaign, and essentially, to your potential (next) employer.  (Pricing starts at $150)

Personal Brand Development and Coaching

Are you memorable?  Do people know who you are?  If they do, what are you known for?  Whether you are an unknown looking to take the world by storm or are known but have a reputation that is not bringing you to where you want to be, we are here to help.  Branding is an art that requires time, consistency, precision, and the ability to see things as they really are as well as be able to go against the grain, when needed. We are ready, willing, and able to get you where you need to be.  Are YOU ready?  Call us TODAY! We will put together a tailored plan to get you to that next level.  (Pricing starts at $150)

College Admissions Essays

With college admissions becoming more and more competitive, shouldn’t you/your child have an advantage over other applicants?  A compelling and persuasive essay can make all the difference!  Leave the tediousness and attention to detail to us.  We will write a 500 word essay for $200 and/or edit your existing copy (500 words or less) for $100.  Terms and conditions apply.  CONTACT US TODAY!

Letter of Inquiry (Proposal Letter)



Looking for some background information for a report?  Want to get an edge on your competition?  Need to do thorough research for your upcoming project but don’t have the time to get it done?  Research plays a vital role in many business and academic projects and everyday life.  It provides you with necessary facts, knowledge and background information you need to make well-informed decisions, demonstrate a level of expertise, compile data, etc.  CALL US TODAY! ($100/hour; 2 hour minimum)

Statements: Personal, Professional, Of Interest, Of Purpose, etc.

Need to submit a statement to that organization, college or university and/or potential employer but don’t quite know what to write and/or don’t have the time to dedicate to it?  Let us collaborate with you to craft content that maximizes your appeal and relays your strengths and achievements and let’s your audience know what you will give (because let’s face it, it’s not all about what you can get but what you will give in return).  Don’t waste an opportunity to successfully sell yourself to your intended audience.  Remember ….we write so you don’t have to!  CALL TODAY!   ($225 for 500 words or less; $425 for 1000 words or less)


Mobile Notary Public

Convenience.  Availability.  Reliability.  $2 per person, per signature as prescribed by State law AND we will travel to you for a nominal fee.  We realize people are busy and may not have a Notary Public in their area; however, you still need your important documents authenticated and notarized. Travel rates range from $25 to $75 (plus the $2 requirement noted above) and depend on your location and/or location to the general meet-up point: Panera Bread in the Cross County Mall, Pelham, NY by Fairway or the Bay Plaza/Co-op City Shopping Center.   (This is offered as a local service ONLY – Yonkers, NY and Bronx, NY and is contingent upon us having an open calendar/schedule to accommodate.)

Employee Handbooks (Digital Copy)

You’ve started your business, have established clientele and started hiring personnel. As the go-to innovator, public relations person, and marketing manager, (yes, you’re wearing many hats) your hands are full!  You need your employees to handle the day-to-day operations, customer relations, and other responsibilities but, they may not know what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them. YOU need an employee handbook/manual; one that explains in detail employer and employee expectations, policies and procedures of the business, benefits and compensation (where applicable), and other information that protects you from potential litigation.  (Pricing starts at $550)  CALL TODAY!

Website Content Creation/Bio Development

Your website is the face of your business, i.e., your online presence, and should therefore be just as engaging, eye-catching, and inviting as a physical store/location. It should be clean, organized, and easy on the eyes – yes, content that flows and is clear and concise. The words and content you use will determine if visitors stay and explore your website or read a few sentences and move on. We will create high quality content for your Home, About Us, and Services pages that grab your visitor’s attention. Your website content should be persuasive and answer the question: ‘What’s in it for me?’ for every visitor that’s in your target audience. (Package 1: 3 Landing Pages – Home Page, About Us, and Services Page; 200 words, 500 words, 250 words, respectively and/or a combination thereof totaling 950 words $325) OR (Package 2: $85 per Landing Page/400 words max)  We are flexible and will work with you to create a service package that’s just right (custom) for YOU.  Call us today. 

Trademark Filing

Have a logo, slogan or tagline that is eye-popping and memorable?  Have your friends, family members, and colleagues mentioned how catchy and impressive it is?  With a, “Wow!  I really like that!”?

Well, you may be on to something, but you don’t know where to begin.  And, quite frankly you don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to securing your creation, i.e., trademarking your intellectual property.  No worries!  We’ve been there and done that with multiple registered trademarks under our belt.  And, we are ready to use our expertise and attention to detail to help you obtain yours. From beginning to end, we will handle the entire trademark filing process on your behalf.

Note:  This is a business support service – NON-LEGAL TRADEMARK ASSISTANCE with the TEAS Plus or the TEAS RF online application only.  Pricing starts at $500. Call us TODAY!

Combination Package

Your career marketing campaign is not (or should not be) done in a vacuum.  A resume alone won’t cut it.  A LinkedIn page by itself is not enough.  You need a combination method of career search operation.  Yes, you need a resume and a LinkedIn profile page.  Get both and save! (Price increase effective July 2019) Just $255 (one page resume) and $275 (two page resume) and we’ll throw in the cover letter for FREE. Call us TODAY!

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