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Scorch Burn And Conquer

Let’s Go …. Scorch, Burn, and Conquer.

Post Series: Business

Scorch. Burn. Conquer.

Who does this better than athletes, underdogs, and industry magnates?  I can’t think of anyone, can you?  The other day, someone I respect and admire said this to me and, at the outset, it felt good to just get a response from this individual.  But, then I went back and reread it over and over again (yes, I harp on things that are positive and meaningful to me; and so should you.).  So, to really get the best takeaway from our impromptu huddle, I did some digging.  I did my Matlock move and went to the dictionary to make sure I fully understood the meaning of those three words.  Scorch, burn, and conquer (SBC).

What did I find? Well, you already know that oftentimes words have more than one meaning, so I honed in on what was relevant to me.

Scorch – to travel at great or unusually excessive speed

Burn – to feel strong emotion or passion; be entirely possessed by

Conquer – to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition; to successfully overcome

Put these together and the message perhaps could be:  Stay on your figurative business-bound Acela express, maintain your tunnel vision, don’t let go of what you love and know how to do, control and protect your mental acuity, and let go of battles so that you can win wars.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but athletes, underdogs, and industry magnates do exactly this, don’t they?  Athletic prodigies are no less than 10 steps ahead of people their own age, if not more.  Because the masses write them off expecting them to lose, underdogs have a smoldering desire to prove everybody wrong and win, win, win.  And, last, but certainly not least, industry magnates gain the upper hand in business deals and acquisitions because they don’t give up and they don’t take no for an answer.  And, if they can’t get what they want going through the figurative front door, they go through the side door or window (by any ethical means necessary).  All of the above come with a remarkable amount of talent.  And, yes, all three of these groups scorch, burn, and conquer.

Yes, it’s true we can’t all be (and are not) athletes, underdogs, and top tycoons.  But, what we CAN be is the best in our field, area, and lane.  What we CAN do is target our talent (whatever that may be), not allow distractions (in whatever form they may come in) to distract us, and stay true to why it is that we are where we are, in any given space and time.  So, let your SBC out of the bottle and go for it!





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