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From Scratch? Or Cookie Cutter?

Ditch the template!  

By definition a template is a sample document that is pre-filled, i.e., it already contains some details and information. So, why ditch the template when, by all accounts, it saves you time and money?  Well, if you’re looking to distinguish yourself from your competition, using a template is not the way to go.  Mass-produced, commodity-style professionals are a dime a dozen, do not stand out in a crowd, and neither do their resumes and cover letters.  And, in today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford to lack a unique presence, or successfully convey your talents and revenue-generating qualities.   So, when working on your personal brand / marketing document (your cover letter), write it from scratch, starting with an attention-grabbing introductory paragraph. What’s attention grabbing, you ask?  Check if the company has been in the news recently (on a positive note, of course), see if there’s been any change in their organizational structure, and/or if they’ve participated in any philanthropic initiatives.  Remember to include a strong transition sentence, so the reader can easily make the connection between the tidbit mentioned at the outset and you applying for a job at their company.  Make it interesting.  Make it count.  

Onward and upward.  Always positive.  All the best as you market your brand and your career like you mean it! 

(P. S. Avoid the copy and paste mentality.  Leave that for the unoriginal thinkers.)



Sandrea Flowers

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