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Really? AGAIN With The Emails?!

Post Series: In Your "WRITE" Mind

Email usage has been the hot topic of conversation in recent days.  I don’t understand why folks just can’t get it right. Do you?  If you had told me years ago that people would lose their jobs, their credibility and/or their social status because of what they wmacbook-pro-and-iphone-createherstockrote in an email, I probably would have shaken my head and laughed.  And, yet – here we are. It seems to me that no matter how many cases and examples we come across that should serve as a reminder on why we should not put certain things in writing, in this case email, there are folks who continue to fall prey to getting caught sending inappropriate emails. And, the notion that the communication was private “FYEO” (for your eyes only) is nonsense because we don’t own the mail servers, routers, networks or any other applications associated with the internet.  So, why does it keep happening?

Well, I think people are either unbelievably oblivious to hacking and organizational policies on electronic communications and the legalities and risks, or they are extremely cocky and think they’re bulletproof and won’t get caught (or don’t care if they do). Both, of course, are cause for alarm.

We’re living in the WikiLeaks era, where anything goes in terms of who is hacked and what is made public with no regard to the damage that likely will occur.  I think all of us need to wise-up and perhaps find a different way of doing things (yes, be smart about how you handle your communication). Dare I say – pick up the phone!  Yes, I know, that’s not inherently foolproof either.  So, how about this, instead of having to watch what we write and say, how about examining the feelings and beliefs behind what we’re writing.  Or do a little bit of both?  Etiquette and civility still exist (at least for now).  But, I think the bigger question is, does what we want to say, really need to be said?  Is it necessary (other than for the urge to stroke our egos and get things off our chest)?  Regardless of how we choose to manage and exchange our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, we should (if we’re in our “write” mind) always temper that action with common sense and sound judgment.

What do you think?  Should email communications be off limits to folks other than the intended recipient(s)?  Does it matter if other people are offended?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Leave a comment below.





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