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Missing The Mark of Opportunity

Post Series: Business

An invasion of incessant change and healthy competition, gives employees an opportunity to demonstrate what they bring to the table.  You show who you really are, your real value, when circumstances are unfavorable, not complimentary.  Why do I say this?  Simply put, it’s expected that when things are good business-wise, employees are good.  But, how are those same employees when conditions are blah, or even worse, abominable?  Are YOU seizing the opportunity or woefully missing the mark?

Rarely, if ever, do things go our way, when it comes to career pathing (the decisions and plans we put in place to get to where we desire to be).  Only unique and exceptional employees can pivot a disappointment into a favorable opportunity.  The rest miss the mark miserably!  What happens with the rest is, they get stuck in a vortex of unhappiness and disgruntlement.  They essentially say, “You didn’t allow me to lead that coveted project, okay …. you just wait” ….. “You didn’t give me that promotion, I’ll show you” yada, yada, yada.  What comes after this is the antithesis of a strong/good work ethic, a trail of little to no productivity.

Which begs the question, how do you know that people (the upper echelon) aren’t watching you to see how you react?  How you respond to negative information or an unfavorable action?  (Side note: Could it be said that how you conduct yourself when things are bad is who you REALLY are?)

Left to our own devices, those of us who never really had “IT” (that wow factor!) demonstrate our status quo of low quality work performance, including but not limited to, submitting substandard work, making falsified claims of sickness, and turning a blind eye to operational inefficiencies, to name a few.  Would you say those of us who fall into this category missed the mark of opportunity?  Absolutely!

Is Our Performance On The Mark?

While licking our own wounds and doing everything in our power to “stick it to the man,” we neglect to consider what our actions do to our team members.  Even if the dwindling of good morale can be attributed to an employer at the outset, employees who engage in the above behavior bear some responsibility for the remaining fast and furious degradation of  low employee morale in the workplace.  To say nothing of people’s memory bank (remember we’re only as good as our last performance).  What was the last thing you did at your job that people WILL remember?

In any case, if you want to hit the mark of opportunity every time, don’t allow circumstances to change how you perform (conduct yourself) at work.  And, those of us who know we have the tendency to be vengeful, fight the urge to do so and instead, do something that you normally would not do.  Stay the course, keep your eyes on the prize, be a consistent productive member of the team, and continue to demonstrate the value you bring to your employer’s table.  Why?  To avoid …. Missing the Mark of Opportunity!  

What are your thoughts on this?  We’d love to hear them.



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