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How Are Your Campaign Skills?

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Campaigning is never over.  Am I right?  From campaigning for your next job, a marriage mate, fellowship, advisory board seat, your child’s acceptance into college/university or your next credential, yes, campaigning doesn’t end.  From nailing down your next target, to carefully examining the necessary requirements including the time constraint, you are knee-deep in an all-consuming journey to improve your professional standing, quality of life, and the quality of life of your family.  But, are we good at it?  How good are your campaign skills? 

What skills am I talking about?  Well, when you’re on a crusade, you not only need time and circumstance on your side, you have to be versed in planning, time management, people management, and reputation management, to name a few.  With planning, absent a detailed, step by step method of operation, you may find your campaign on the losing side of things.  Of all the elements of a successful campaign, I think we take the planning process for granted and glaze over the particulars.  This, along with managing people, may be the most important step.  Crafting success/crafting a win takes time and attention, both of which start in the planning phase and exist throughout.

Now, who of us is proficient in reputation management?  And, really, what is reputation management?  Managing people’s belief and opinion of your habits, abilities, and character  at work, in your local community, at school, in your family, etc. (what you are publicly recognized for).  Yes, it’s just that simple.  Believe it or not, we all do this in some form or fashion.  Some are better at it than others.  Some of us are active (proactive), while many more are passive where this is concerned.  Are you skilled at developing and maintaining your good name including your reliability, stability, and stubborn tenaciousness?

This is important because, at some point, we will come across people who are on their own crusade to deflect, deny, and blur our good reputation. If you are ahead of the curve, the reputation management skills that you have rooted in impenetrable discernibility, will stave off any negativity pointed in your direction by others.  So, how are your campaign skills?

(Note: Don’t underestimate the power and necessity of time.  Sometimes campaigns take years to come to fruition. But, once the success/the win is realized, it is that much more sweeter and appreciated.  Here’s to campaigning!)

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