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Hiring Parties: Thinking Beyond The Box

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It’s getting increasingly harder to find a job, a job that comes with all the benefits we expect.  That is, a living wage (no, wait, we want more than that!), health insurance, and other quality of life benefits.  Equally difficult, for a good amount of employers, is hiring (and retaining) employees.  So, what are companies doing to onboard new hires and keep their seasoned high performing employees?  Introducing …. Hiring Parties. Yes, …. hiring parties!

Hiring Parties

I stumbled upon this creative strategy watching CNBC’s On The Money (on New York’s Channel 4).  What exactly is it and who’s leading the charge?  Well, it’s a ‘think beyond the box’ method to address the tight labor market; and, Taco Bell is at the forefront.  Their recruiting managers host a labor party at one of their local restaurants, where people seeking employment (or just curious about what takes place at one of these events) come to meet, greet, and engage others in attendance.  Interested ones bring their resume, a positive attitude, and hopefully, good communication skills, to name a few.  And, if they’re fortunate enough, they will walk away with a job or an intent to hire, if they are asked to submit more information about their background.  Either way, hiring parties can be a homerun for both sides. (Note, the Hiring Party method is not exclusive to Taco Bell.)

The good news is, getting creative with hiring practices doesn’t stop at Taco Bell.  More and more employers are implementing creative and brilliant ways to get qualified and competent workers in the door, including offering full tuition coverage and improved training.

Consider This!

Companies should also consider creating an in-house development program.  For example, The Employee-to-Intrapreneur Program, The Employee-to-Entrepreneur Program, or something along those lines.  An internal course of study that promotes innovative and independent thinking that drives new ideas, new products, and new services.  If you want to keep your top talent, you have to give them a reason to stay – above and beyond the salary.  Today’s millennial is not interested in tenure or other things that were in demand 20 years ago.

A semi-casual setting where you meet new people, engage in productive conversation, and showcase the value you can bring to an employer?  Not a bad deal.  Not a bad deal at all.  Whether it’s hiring parties, offering a shorter workweek or offering training, to stay relevant and maintain market share, companies have to think beyond the box to attract and retain the best and the brightest.

Here’s to thinking outside and beyond …. the box! 

Check out job opening statistics in the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS).

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