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Dropping A Bomb And Walking Away: The Consequence of Ineffective Management

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  1. Is there anything more challenging and demanding, yet constructive and valuable then being a manager working in a team setting?  You know exactly what I mean!  You could be starring in a Freddy Krueger work-related nightmare one day and enjoying work life sandy beach peace and tranquility the next.  It’s a veritable cornucopia of change from one day to the next!  And, it’s that much harder when there are missteps, blatant denseness, and infusion of emotions; three things that have derailed and dismantled many a team.

Dropping A Bomb, The Pervasive Disruption

Dropping a bomb – catch phrase that refers to a person doing or saying something that is shocking, unexpected, and diametrically opposed to an otherwise active and cohesive powerhouse team and operation; that which distracts or otherwise interrupts best laid plans and operational systems; an action that shows signs of deliberateness, immaturity, or otherwise willful or unknowing ignorance.   

Have you ever watched war movies that show a bomb being dropped, followed by one big cloud of smoke?  What just happened?  Simply put, total and utter destruction of the area where that bomb landed.  What was once a thriving downtown city street and town occupied by big brand name stores and mom and pop shops, is now a heaping pile of dust and rubble.  Get it now?

So too, is a manager who operates individually, doesn’t take the necessary time to learn or ask questions, and doesn’t know how to rally their frontline staff when a challenging situation arises.  When you go off on your own and do your own thing, you’re dropping a bomb.  When you carry on at work like Quick Draw McGraw and make decisions with great haste, without inquiring about the SOP (standard operating procedure), you are most certainly dropping a bomb.  Yada, yada, yada.  The height of ineffective management!

Walking Away, The Aftermath and the Consequences

  • Infighting
  • Chaos
  • Disorganization (Unravelling of established methods and processes)
  • Distrust
  •  Undermining of authority by frontline staff
  •  An environment that is not conducive to a work-life balance, and much more!

The height of ineffective management!

But, all is not lost ….

The Antidote?

  •  Forgive. Forget. Move on.
  • Excise/purge (get rid of whatever is making (or has the potential to make) the team weak and ineffective).  Those Achilles heels have no place in a lockstep operation.
  • Get back on track and stay focused (remember the end goal, target, and mission and the purpose you and the team serve)
  • Lead by example
  •  As a member of a team, regardless of your position or title, bring your best YOU (work ethic, attitude, and ideas) to work
  •  Don’t allow subordinates to mess up a good thing (this is self explanatory, or at least, it should)
  • Actively use emotional intelligence (unfortunately, this is sorely lacking in most work environments everywhere)

Check out the interesting and insightful information in these links:

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  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/08/11-behaviors-of-a-problem-employee.html
  3. https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/8-sure-signs-that-your-coworkers-are-toxic.html

Too often, articles are written about the frontline staff to manager dynamic or the manager to frontline staff dynamic, one directional – up or down.  But, there’s another – the managerial employee to managerial employee dynamic, specifically when working in a team setting.  We manage in all directions, whether we realize it or not.  We manage down, manage up, and manage laterally.

Every member of the team has to do everything they can to …. manage to success!  Stay open to ideas and feedback; and, stay humble.  And, resist the urge to …. drop a bomb and walk away.

Have you experienced a coworker drop a bomb and walk away?  What are your thoughts?  

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