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Book Writing Du Jour

Post Series: Communication

You get a book deal! And you get a book deal! And you get a book deal!

Lately, it seems that if you want to get back at someone (exact revenge), engage in a cathartic exercise, tell your version of a story and make money to boot – all you have to do is write a book.  Just ask Wolff, Johnston, more recently, Comey, and countless others that will undoubtedly follow.  Yes, book writing is all the rave. It’s today’s “weapon” accessory of choice. Writing a book today is equivalent to when celebrities used small dogs as a fashion accessory.  (Oh, wait, I think they’re still doing this, aren’t they?)

And, the average Joe (and Jane) eats it up and gets sucked into the vortex of salaciousness, pettiness, and subjectivity.  But, putting all of this aside, I wonder …. should we, at least, be happy that people are reading again?  If not again, more than they have been in recent years?  Hard to give a yah or nay on this.  Some people enjoy the window to the world – other people’s world – be it politicians, celebrities, or famous business people, as it allows them to escape their own reality.

Other people enjoy factual prose or pseudo-factual prose where they can have a healthy and stimulating debate with friends, family, and workmates.  And, there are yet still others who just love to read – anything and everything.  For them, there’s no topic too boring, no length too intimidating, no tale too unbelievable that would cause them to stop reading.  But, I digress.

Book Writing: Something to Think About

Have prominent or otherwise famous people reached a point where they air dirty laundry at any and all cost?  Yes, there will be times when we disagree with someone else and/or intensely dislike them.  But, does the disagreement with and dislike of the individual warrant our cementing our meanness of spirit in written form for all to read and elaborate on to time indefinite?  Could it be that we are that presumptuous that we believe people are interested in what we’ve experienced?

Can you imagine the average Joe doing this?  Of course not!  No one would pay to read The Average Joe Story and publishers know this.  I am always curious about the inner workings though, including how lucrative book deals come about.  Did the aspiring author approach the publisher or vice versa?  Or, did a third party broker the relationship?

In any case, here’s to book writing …. and book reading!  Hopefully, young aspiring writers are paying attention, reading, learning, perfecting their craft, and developing their own voice to, one day, join the prestigious ranks of best selling author.  Yes, get that book deal!

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