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Collaboration & Process

The Collaboration & Process
Customer collaboration is at the center (the core) of our process. Writing projects (completed works) are not trustworthy or complete without the client’s feedback, review, and final stamp of approval. Our process starts with a telephone consultation, followed by the completion of a Client Intake Form, and the gathering of all necessary documents and information. From these steps up to the first draft and all subsequent drafts, the process includes regular communication between us and the client.
The quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” reinforces what we believe. And that is, when the customer and the company come together to brainstorm on marketing your brand and value, it always results in success.
Powerful documents that unequivocally demonstrate your value and unquestionably answer why a potential employer, bank, board, or panel will say Yes!, to onboarding you to their organization, team, or financial institution. We are ready to collaborate! Are YOU?
The Company & Founder
WordsmithResource (WSR) LLC is a Minority Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), New York based boutique writing company. WSR has morphed over the years, starting in 2007 under its original name P.R.E.P. Solutions LLC to 2015 as WordsmithResource.
We are excited to venture into management consulting. With our skill and experience in running operations and prioritizing workloads, critical tasks and competing demands, as well as extracting and focusing on what employees do well, we look forward to helping small businesses improve their processes and onboard and retain knowledgeable employees (who are willing to learn and grow).
Sandrea Flowers is the owner (and writer) of WordsmithResource LLC. She has professional writing experience working in the Chief of Staff’s PPC (Policies, Procedures, and Compliance) Group at MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Sandrea is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and a Project Management Professional (PMP). She is currently working on getting her CBA certification – Certified Business Advisor.


We are and stay laser-focused, from beginning to end, on our clients’ writing projects.  Your success is our success! 

Look!  Don’t get caught up in trends.  Whatever the current trend, an important component of your career and/or business funding search (and success), must include marketing documents that show why your audience will do everything in their power to take a chance on YOU!  

The “write” keywords, facts, word arrangements, descriptive bullet points with power verbs, nouns, and adjectives, and quantifiable (measurable) achievements, to name a few, will grab the attention of your intended audience. 

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Founder & Owner:
Sandy Flowers

The Knowledge Economy

With information at our fingertips, there is no shortage of education, awareness, and training. Even though intelligence makes its way to us at lightning speed, there is still a need to direct, harness, and capitalize on it.  

Are you tapping into the knowledge you’ve acquired over the life of your career, whether you’ve done a brief stint or a long journey?

We seek to share what we’ve learned over 20-something years of our careers to help and support those that are just starting out or reentering the workforce after a temporary hiatus from the work scene. 

Market Your Career Like You Mean It
The Go-to Resume Guide That Means business

Expected Publication Date: Early 2nd Quarter 2022

I am so excited how this book project is coming along.  This has been a real labor of love for several years now.  Those of you who know me, know I am all about sharing and showing.  If I know it, my friends, family, clients, and staff know it. There is never a need to hold back valuable information that others will benefit from.  

With a volatile business industry and equally challenging work environment, many professionals – new to the scene and seasoned – are having to make life changing decisions concerning their job and career path.  Many have chosen to “just quit” hence the newly coined phrase “The Great Resignation,” while others are making plans to exit and tapping into other areas and income streams.  Regardless of where folks are on the spectrum, many do not know where to begin as far as marketing themselves.  That’s where the resume, cover letter, and digital media space (e.g., LinkedIn, etc.) come in.  There is a right and a wrong way to tell your professional story. To persuasively convince your reader why you have what they need.  Employers are looking for employees that can successfully address their pain points, under budget, on schedule, and through relationship building, to name a few.  

Unlike past resume books, this book is not exclusive to the established professional.  It is also for the young professional, persons with a justice-involved background, those with no formal education but a boatload of valuable knowledge and experience, and many more.  

Stay tuned! 

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